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String Quartet in G, KV 80 “Lodi Quartet”

16 min.

composed by Mozart

This is the first String Quartet composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when he was 14 years old in ‘Lodi’ near Mirano. His memo in the original score; “a Lodi 1770. le 15 Marzo alle 7. di sera”, means the composed date and hour (1770/3/15. 7 p.m.). He composed three movements in one day in Lodi, I. Adagio, II. Allegro, and III. Menuet. The 4th movement, Rondo, is supposed to be composed later, around 1773.
Please try this beautiful piece filled with creativity.

I. Adagio


II. Allegro


III. Menuet


IV. RONDO Allegro

Score & part notes