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Mozart: Die Zauberflöte for String Quartet, Nr.2 “Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja”

First, let us describe a scene from the opera in which the aria is sung. In this scene, a character named Papageno appears, who is half man and half bird. He sings a song describing himself. Papageno works as a bird-catcher, catching birds to exchange them for food with the queen and her ladies. His appearance and song reflect his cheerful and carefree character. Papageno is portrayed as a contrasting character to the young prince Tamino, who he later teams up with. In the opera’s premiere, the librettist Emanuel Schikaneder played the role of Papageno, which shows his importance.
This aria is lively and cheerful, perfectly matching Papageno’s character. There is a short ascending scale of 32nd notes in the middle, which is played by a pan flute that Papageno carries and makes sounds like chirping birds.
In this arrangement, all players can enjoy playing. The melody is played not only by the first violin but also by the viola and cello. The second violin plays parts of the pan flute melody, among others.