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Partita for Violin Solo No.3, BWV 1004, Ciaccona

14 min.

composed by Bach, J. S.

Ciaccona for Violin Solo composed by Johan Sebastian Bach is a miraculous work and also the pinnacle of violin music. Ciaccona is a Spanish origin dance and a kind of variation on a repeated bass progression. This Ciaccona contains thirty variations and consists of three parts. It is technically difficult because of double, triple, and fourfold stops, however, it is reasonable to realize magnificent counter music by one violin. Almost sheet musics of the Ciaccona are edited by violinists. They are convenient for playing because of specific arpeggio, conspicuous cords, slurs easy for playing. However, some important messages written by Johan Sebastian Bach have been lost. He wrote double/triple/fourfold stops not as simple cords but as multiple voice parts. He wrote rests for each voice in a courteous manner. Slurs look to be drawn in an extemporaneous manner. It is not easy to play Bach’ slurs exactly, however, it is worth for learning his slurs to feel profundity of his music. To determine the specific arpeggio form, it is important to know the specific suggestion for arpeggio by Bach. He wrote only eight demisemiquavers and four slurs in the beginning of the arpeggio in the part-I, and there is no specific description in part-III. It is also valuable to visualize cord-changes corresponding to arpeggio parts. This urtext version is a faithful translation from his original to digital format. In this version, the effectiveness of accidentals within a bar is in modern style not in the Baroque style.

Score & part notes