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Flute Quartet in A, KV 298

12 min.

composed by Mozart

Maria Theresia von Trattner. This piece is very unique among his piano works. It is a kind of improvisation with a lot of freedom, but has exquisite balance. In this arrangement for string quartet, the original notes were conserved as faithful as possible and all kinds of efforts for reducing technical-difficulty level were made. Still, it is not easy to playThis is the last one among four Flute Quartets by Mozart. It was written for Jacquin family as the Kegelstatt Trio (KV498) was.
It consists of three movements,
I.THEME (Andante),
III.RONDIEAOUX(Alllegro grazioso).
The original melody of movement I was by Anton Hoffmeister (1754-1812) who was a flutist, composer and publisher in Vienna. Mozart dedicated his String Quartet in D major, KV499 to him. Mozart used a French folk song in movement II. The melody of movement III was an aria composed by an Italian composer, Giovanni Paisiello (1740-1816) who had influenced Mozart. Mozart composed a small piano piece, 6 Variations on Aria ‘Salve tu, Domine’ from Opera “I filosofi immaginarii” by Paisiello, KV398. Thus, this KV298 is an unique work, and full of enjoyment.

I. Andante




III. RONDIEAOUX, Alllegro grazioso

Score & part notes