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Pizzicati from Sylvia Ballet Suite

3 min.

composed by Delibes

Delibes (1836-1891)was a French composer and is famous for operas and ballet music. Sylvia, ou La nymphe de Diane, is one of his representative works. The story is about nymph, Sylvia and Aminta’s love which was taken from Greek mythology. It is well known that Sylvia was highly praised by Tchaikovsky. Sylvia Ballet Suite is originally for orchestra and consisted of four parts as follows: 1. Prelude et Les Chasseresses, 2. Intermezzo et Valse Lente, 3. Pizzicati, 4. Cortege de Bacchus. This piece, Pizzicati, is leggiero and fun-filled.

Theme I
Delibes: Theme I of 'Pizzicati' from Sylvia Ballet Suite  Music thumbnail
Theme II


Delibes: Theme II of 'Pizzicati' from Sylvia Ballet Suite  Music thumbnail
Score & part notes