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Mozart: Die Zauberflöte for String Quartet, Nr.20 “Ein Mädchen oder Weibchen wünscht Papageno sich”

Papageno and Tamino face the ordeals. Tamino is able to overcome them one by one, but Papageno struggles because he lacks the mental strength to do so. When Papageno tells Sprecher that he would be happy with just some wine, Sprecher asks if he has any other wishes. Papageno says he didn’t have any before, but then he thinks of something else he wants and starts singing a song about it. The song says that it feels good to eat and drink delicious things, but Papageno is lonely and wants a cute girl or a wife. Papageno plays a musical instrument called a “Glockenspiel” while singing. This instrument is different from the modern Glockenspiel and is a keyboard instrument that strikes metal plates.
In this arrangement, all the parts take turns playing the melody so that all the performers can enjoy it.