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New Score; Hoffmeister: Duo in C, Op.19-4

Hoffmeister: Duo in C, Op.19-4

Hoffmeister composed a total of 21 duets for Violin and Viola. Among them, Op.19-4 (often referred to as No.1) stands out as a particularly remarkable piece, with its beautiful second movement in C minor.
The sheet music we are presenting is based on Offenbach: Johann André, n.d.(ca.1805). Plate 2157, with necessary corrections made to resolve inconsistencies and suspected errors. It is a user-friendly sheet music note that is easier to perform.
Furthermore, we have also arranged versions of this composition for Violin and Cello, as well as for two Clarinets. The Clarinet adaptation was chosen because its sound range closely resembles the original instrumentation, and the vibrant tones of the Clarinet align beautifully with the musical ideas of this piece. This composition showcases some large melodic leaps, a characteristic often found in string instruments. While these may not be as familiar to Clarinet players, we believe you will find great joy in performing this piece.