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“Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling”, KV 596

3 min.

composed by Mozart

The original is a famous lied composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1759-1791) in his last year. This piece was written for children. The melody resembles the theme of his last piano concert No.27 KV.595 third movement, however, the impressions are different. The text was by Christian Adolf Overbeck (1755-1821).

Komm, lieber Mai, und mache Die Ba”ume wieder gru”n, Und la? mir an dem Bache Die kleinen Veilchen blu”hn! Wie mo”cht ich doch so gerne Ein Veilchen wieder sehn, Ach, lieber Mai, wie gerne Einmal spazieren gehn!

Score & part notes (free)