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String Quartet in c, Op.26, “Quatuor spirituel”

28 min.

composed by Loewe

Carl Loewe (1796-1869) composed four string quartets, i.e. three ones Op.24 and Op.26. Whereas Op.24 are for family use, Op.26 is a great work for concert, which should be considered as an important string quartet in the period. Please listen the beautiful performance by Hallensia Quartet (
It consists of the following four movements,
I. Allegro serioso,
II. Andante Phrygice,
III. Moderato, mysterioso,
IV. Allegro con sprito.

The movement II is based on a chorale, “Mitten wir im Leben sind mit dem Tod umfangen”.

I. Allegro serioso


II. Andante Phrygice


III. Moderato, mysterioso


IV. Allegro con sprito

Score & part notes