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Shall we ensemble?

We manage a place for chamber music players of all levels. We supply them good music notes, beautiful and enjoyable to play. Some of them are original and some are arranged. Our arrangement is faithful to the original notes and at the same time, we give extra consideration that all the players enjoy music.

We introduce our music notes through this site. They are classified by original composers, and a page is consisted of the following elements.

[1] Thumbnail score and brief introduction of the music.
[2] mp3 formatted sound source.
[3] Links to ACORDO Sheet Muisic pages in ScoreExchange & SheetMusicPlus.
[4] Free music notes in PDF format.

[2] acts as introduction of the music, which was originally developed for beginner players. We found that some beginners had difficulty in using metronome for keeping tempo. In this case, additional Piano playing in unison is effective. They could sense the departure of their playing with the reference of Piano sounds in accurate tempo, and they showed improvement in keeping a constant tempo when they play alone. For their practice at home, we prepared CD with Piano sounds which were generated by computer. The standard A pitch differs from country to country, so We prepare sound sources with three different A-pitches, 440, 442, and 444Hz for players convenience.

Our score and part notes are on ScoreExchange site[3]. The website audience could view all scores with sounds. Some of the scores are free, which are also available as PDF format [4] in this site. The printing quality might be better with Scorch than with PDF, but for some users PDF is more convenient.

We hope chamber music players could find good music in this site.