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Sonatas for Violin and Continuo, Book 1 No.2

10 min.

composed by Eccles

Book 1 No.2 consists of the following five movements, I. Largo, II. Allegro, III. Sarabande: Largo, IV. Rondeau gavotte: Vivace, V. Giga: Allegro.
Sonorous and beutiful piece. Someone may feel that the five movement, Giga, sounds like Joseph Bodin de Boismortier’s work (For example, please see Six Sonatas No.2 Op.7-2 V. Gigue by Boismortier). It might be related to the theory that Eccles was in France and he borrowed movements from the others for the Book.

I. Largo


II. Allegro


III. Sarabande: Largo


IV. Rondeau gavotte: Vivace


V. Giga: Allegro

Score & part notes