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Brockes Passion, HWV 48

composed by Handel

The Brockes Passion HWV 48 is an oratorio composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759).   The text, Jesus who suffered and died for the sins of the world, was by German poet, Barthold Heinrich Brockes  (1680-1747).

No.58, Dem Himmel gliecht (Faithful Soul)

Dem Himmel gliecht is a very beautiful aria with violin obbligato.  It contains 10 measures of violin solo.

Score & part notes

No.62, Lass doch diese herbe Schmerzen

“Lass doch diese herbe Schmerzen” is a beautiful aria with bass obbligato.”

Score & part notes

No.64, Jesu! Jesu

“Jesu! Jesu” is an aria with oboe obbligato. The two solo parts collaborate each other in a beautiful way.

Score & part notes

No.95, Wisch ab der Tranen scharfe Lauge

“Wisch ab der Tranen scharfe Lauge” is the penultimate music of Brockes Passion. It is very beautiful and emotional. The score contains the last Chorale “Ich bin ein Glied”.”

Score & part notes